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Shed 2.0

Set in an urban farmland - studios, workshops, shop and other ancillary facilities for a designer mother- daughter duo was to be designed. With farm on one side and cowshed on the other - the site has a strong agrarian milieu. Taking cue from this the project was conceived as an extension of this landscape and articulates a rather contemporary program with largely traditional spatial vocabulary.


The core program is further layered with forecourt, verandas, courtyards and mezzanine spaces that reminisce traditional Gujarati architectural terms of an agrarian household like 'faliyu', 'otlo', ' osri', 'chowk' and 'maliyu'.


These peripheral extensions into the landscape make the spaces more humane and impart a sense of time that is slow and profuse. They also provide abundant possibilities for social and programmatic improvisation and infuse haptic richness to everyday tasks.


Through the course of construction, the project kept evolving with client’s wish and vision – increasingly becoming more specific. The conceptual framework allowed the project to mutate along the way, becoming an improv architecture.


Cast in pigmented concrete and adapting to the existing trees on site, the project blends itself seamlessly into the surrounding nature and becomes a part of it - being of the site than being on the site. 

Project location: Surat, India

Completion Year: 2021

Gross Built Area (square foot): 3,500 sq.ft.


Other participants

Structure design : S&V Structural Engg.

Landscape: Studio i!

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