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Reshamwala Residence

Designed for a family of 5, the house sits on a small plot surrounded by
high-rise looming on one side and other houses on 3 sides. Due to such
crowded urban scenario the house is introverted. Central landscaped
courtyard and large skylights on sloping roof that frame the North sky anchor the house back to nature.

All social spaces are arranged around this light filled central volume. Family space on the upper level allows for intimate family sit-out in addition to the living room.

Through the house there are various possibilities embedded that prompt spontaneous interaction
of family members - an absolute necessity in today’s life.

Cross breeze is captured with carefully designed openings that still maintain the privacyof the house. Rugged on the outside yet warm and comfortable inside,

the house becomes a large shell into which the family can recede and
find moments of solitude and togetherness alike.

Project location: Surat, India

Completion Year: 2021

Gross Built Area (square foot): 6,000 sq.ft.


Other participants

Structure design :Hiren Desai Structural Engineer

Landscape: Studio i!

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