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Designed for a young and enterprising industrialist, the building reflects the aspirations and becomes part of the company's identity. Set in an industrial set-up, the building hopes to provide a quiet and restful atmosphere to administrative staff of the company where one can peacefully work while being right next to the shop floors, boilers and machinery.

Placement of the building and openings were prompted by the existing trees on site – anchoring the internal spaces to the surrounding green. Central double height court further brings greenery inside the building. Natural light, greens and silence then become elements that construct the interior atmosphere. Exposed brick box shields the interiors from settling fly-ash, dust and noise while still becoming indispensable surface for the intimate interiors.

In a city where large population is involved with textile manufacturing and processing, we hope to provide a typological solution where harshness of industrial processes can be negotiated with right interventions to provide comfortable and humane work environment.

Project location: Palsana, Surat, India

Completion Year: 2019

Gross Built Area (square foot): sq.ft.


Other participants

Structure design : 


Custom light fittings + Hardware: 


IPS floor and walls: 

Mechanical roof + stairs : 


Sujetex Headquarters

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