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A young and aspirational couple build their first house atop parents’ house, with continuation of structure, access and form. Approached either from the inhouse staircase or through direct elevator, the house finds its own expression in space and tectonics independent of the house below.


A central courtyard becomes an anchor and an extension to almost all the spaces and connects the house to the sky. Large openings with louvered doors offer varying level of openness to the spaces. Both living and dining can either open to the North facing outdoor terrace or more intimately to the courtyard. If completely open, whole of ground floor becomes one large gathering space with guest room and kitchen still separated. A quarter-turn staircase winds up on two sides of the courtyard and other two sides are flanked by verandah leading to the bedrooms. A porous grilled and blinded box wraps the courtyard on two sides at upper level allowing the house to constantly breathe and allow atmosphere to engage with interiority. 


Taking cue from local Valsadi teak houses of old city and inspired from traditional spatial-material samples, the house is rooted deeply in the craft of building and space-making.  All the custom designed light fittings and hardware in brass add a layer of 'ornaments' to rather simplistic spaces. The house is a culmination of a vigorous conversation between all parties involved through the course of the project.


Project location: Surat, India

Completion Year: 2018

Gross Built Area (square foot): 2550 sq.ft.


Other participants

Structure design : Hiren Desai

Landscape: Hemali Samant

Custom light fittings + Hardware: Rajesh Kathiriya - Ekya Ventures

Carpenters: Sohanlal

IPS floor and walls: Kaushal Parekh – Creative floors

Mechanical roof + stairs : Micro Engineers


House on a house

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